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Yay I finally jailbroke my iPhone 4!

I was intimidated by all of the SHSH blobs warnings, so I finally learned how to save them, and jailbroke.

I don't know what the hell to do with them after I save them, but I think Cydia just keeps it for later in case your phone needs to be downgraded again or something, I have no idea... I asked in the iphone community.
I was drinking water out of my plastic cup and it started getting dark out, so the color of my pink desktop background light came through it... I just thought it looked cool!

I'm still in love with the Robeks coffee smoothies! Look at all those bits of coffee beans yummmmmmmmm

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I'm loving my new iPhone 4 so far! I got the app that turns on the flash, so its like a flashlight... and a cute GPS app that tells you who else is around and gives you turn by turn directions to things...

And I got this awesome case on ebay!

I gave soooo many bags of clothes to the salvation army and goodwill the last few years... You'd think I'd see someone in the street wearing one of my damn shirts by now!!!

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I can NOT believe that Michael Jackson just died. :(

This is the worst news I've heard in so long. :(

My brown, pink and blue cake!!

I used the cake box mix w/ soda trick, but I wanted to make it pretty!

This picture is really cool. :)

They were pretty ugly on the outside actually, so the ones I gave to him, I frosted!!
(Next time I'm making my own frosting so its not too sweet!)

They are really pretty on the inside!!!

Jan. 18th, 2009

How do you download the .flv files from Hulu!?

It can't be this hard, but yet, I can't seem to do it. :(

I tried the Moyea downloader thing that swears it does Hulu videos but then it keeps failing... and I tried a few others. I can't do just a screen capture grabbing software because on Hulu, it buffers a few times in the middle, so I have to find something that actually downloads the flash file. Its so easy with YouTube but I can't figure it out for Hulu.
My favorite two days in my funny dog calendar are these two... they crack me up every time I look at them! :)

Look, Spencer...

I couldn't find info because I think we thought this was the 25th anniversary for SubPop!? I finally ran into this though, I just fucking HATE the way they worded it!

Screw them... did they forget that the grunge era had some really GOOD bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees, L7, Meat Puppets, Hole, Veruca Salt, Melvins, Stone Temple Pilots, Paw... HELLO! And even if you are dumbass enough to miss all of that, just don't mention Creed when talking about Pearl Jam, please. This is my favorite era of music, so I'm very upset.

This was the article on Yahoo Music:

The original sundry members of Green River (Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament, Mudhoney's Mark Arm and Steve Turner, Mother Love Bone/Love Battery's Bruce Fairweather, and Alex Shumway) have confirmed they will play together for the first time since 1993, as part of Sub Pop Records' 20th anniversary show next summer. This is historical stuff, readers, since Green River were arguably the first "grunge" band!

Yes, we suppose that means without Green River there'd be no Puddle Of Mudd, Creed, Days Of The New, Hinder, or Our Lady Peace...but try not to hold that against them, OK? It's not Green River's fault. How could they have known?

The only good thing about having the biggest pile of dishes I've had in months was that I got to hear the whole Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild CD that I finally got in the mail.

I've never been worried about Pearl Jam breaking up because Eddie Vedder can hold his own just fine if/when he needs to!

I found my old icon! haha Now it just cracks me up. Butch and Noel are the funniest.

Sep. 20th, 2007

YAY, the calendar that my photo will be in is going to be available on Amazon too! I assume it'll have an ISBN so you can request it at your bookstore as well...

Since I'm IN it, I'll have a discounted price that I can buy them at (of course they give me a free one for being in it, but additional copies will be discounted for me), so I'll be able to order them for you if you want one. :)

I couldn't think of a title for it, and I kind of wish they weren't using titles since I couldn't think of a good one, but I named it A Tranquil Path.

This was the small version of it:

They're going to use it for the April month. That's cool, that's my Dad's birthday month too. :)

I'm excited!

Jul. 24th, 2007

This is what I have for now!


It is just for the infrared stuff though.
I got the cutest picture of Cupid sleeping next to my leg.

I wish it wasn't just a camera phone picture.

May. 14th, 2007

When emusic sent me an email that said I could have 50 free downloads if I re-activate my account, I thought clicking on the subscribe button was just going to take me to their website so I could see if they meant I had to pay the 9.99 or if it was free the first month and 9.99 later if I didn't cancel... well no, the button in the email just activated it immediately and charged me the 9.99. I just get so used to a billing page and a real confirmation button I guess.

I didn't go and try to cancel it though because I figured now I have 30 for the 9.99 plus 50 free and I've been wanting to go get more anyway.

So... does anyone have any not-as-well-known bands that they would suggest I go listen to on emusic? I listen to samples and then download the ones I like.

I'm finding a lot of crap though so suggestions would help. Spencer maybe? (Do I have to ask you on Xbox live? haha)

So far, I've found Mark Lanegan's newer stuff. Well, stuff after Screaming Trees anyway. Some of it I loved, like the song Head.

I found "J Mascis and the Fog" and loved like 7 of those, I also got some older John Prine stuff, 4 Dinosaur Jr. songs, a Stars song (I didn't like more than just the one song), 3 new Lemonheads songs (who knew they had new stuff!?), and I wished they had more Old Canes songs but they didn't.

So I have 56 downloads left! That could take me a few days.

Guitar Hero 2 made me fall in love with the Toadies song "Possum Kingdom" so I went looking for it and they don't have it. I had to download the discography from bit torrent just to get the one song. I shouldn't complain though, when I was 10 I had to buy a whole tape just for one song. :)
Okay these are the ones I liked!! I also have more from today that I'll post in a little while. :)

I took these when I was in Fullerton. They are from Hillcrest Park.

I'll show my favorite and put the others in a list. Of course I had tons but not all of them made very good pictures.


The one I showed at the top and the one on the bottom of that list are similar but I still haven't decided which I like better so I had to keep them both for now!!
Another false-color digital IR shot I got with my Coolpix 950...

I love the way this one came out when I changed the yellows to reds/magentas.

I put the rest in a small album of false-color IR photos here:
This one came out kind of crazy. I'm glad the seagulls stayed there until after I took it. :)

Mar. 6th, 2007

Here are some more of the ones I took in Pelaconi Park.

That one was my favorite. I had so many that all looked the same, but here are a few more that I picked out to upload.
I guess I'll just add links for the last 3.



I had Cupid with me when I was taking pictures in Pelaconi park. I had to get one with him in it. :)

I'll upload the pictures that are going on my website tonight or tomorrow... there's about 7 of them?
The other 50 were too plain.

I took a few more after work...

I really like the way this one came out because the clouds had so many different shades and I was able to duck under the rocks to block the power lines!

This one was when it was pretty dark and gloomy so the sky wasn't clear and black.

I was testing out my new IR modified Nikon Coolpix 5400 yesterday.
I might need to mess with the white balance, but these are the photos I have so far!

I guess its cut time again...

Poll #917310 I guess its cut time again...

So... are you reading this?


If you have a website, put the URL here. :)

My site is finally updated! :)

Okay, the new website is DONE!

Does it all work? I hope so.

I need to add more detail to some of the menus, but for now, I just wanted to get it out there and make sure it is all linked right!


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