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Now we have to leave one at the top to catch all of the spam bots.

I'm so freaking excited!

Thank you SO much Melinda & Katie for setting this up for us, it was the best!! :)

I love our pictures! haha!


Made this for Melinda and Katie, and my florist... To help us pick stuff. I'm getting excited now, it's so soon!!


These were some of my favorites of the Save the Date cards I made... I want to save at least one for a wedding album or something!

I made 100 of them, whew!

I wish it was sunnier so I could get a better shot.

I am so so soooooooooo excited to be going back to New Orleans tomorrow!!! I keep getting so excited I could explode. haha

Tonight is our tasting at the Los Verdes Golf Course too, and if the food is good we are actually going to pick it. We'd actually have a DATE finally! Oh please let the food not be horrible, please!?

Sep. 27th, 2011

Cupid's new toy from thinkgeek.com

I took a video of him learning how to use it... he's soo cuuuuute!!!

Sep. 17th, 2011

This new pet shopping site sent me a coupon in the mail for 10% off and they give to charity too when you buy...

I bought bird stuff and stuff for Cupid's teeth. Free shipping (1-2 day, not like 7 days!) and good prices!

Just wanted to pass it on to Katie and Chuck, and all of you with spoiled pets. :)

I made myself a cute birdy theme!

Lots of photoshopping icons though.

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Birdies and Peeps

I wanted to take a picture of the yellow Peeps next to Chicky because she's super bright just like the Peeps... but as soon as I put it on top of the cage by them and went to take the picture, they ran inside!

They're like "What the hell are those things!?"

Then after a few minutes, my blue one, Alice, started to come out and check them out... I wonder if he noticed it was the same color as her and got confused? haha!

Then he was like "Well, I might as well take a little lick?"

"Oh its SUGAR! Nomnomnom..."

She never came back out until I took them away, but you see the resemblance? :)

vote for meeeeeee

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I really want to win those image plates so badly!
I had to stop at Cost Plus World Market today for some German beers for St Patrick's Day! Yes, German ones.

Anyway, they have SO MANY CUTE THINGS there for Easter! I spent way longer than I should have just looking at everything... picking it up and talking myself out of buying it for the cuteness.

Almost everything.

Did I really have to buy this little chick? YES, duh!

Konad is for grown-ups too! :)

Konad is for grown-ups too! :)

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Dec. 7th, 2010

I finished my first sewing project finally! I didn't feel like finishing it tonight but coffee fixed that right up. And the fact that my Dexter torrent ended up being an mkv so I had to finish this while I waited on the avi to download.

I realized that I'll really need an iron and ironing pad, so I got a mini iron and looked up how to make myself some kind of ironing pad I can use anywhere, instead of getting a big ass ironing board!

This is what I found:

I made my fabric side a quilt though! Here are my pictures, I had to document it since it was my first project. haha!

After putting all the layers together and quilting along the lines, I had to put the border/binding on, and I've never done that or even knew what bias tape was, so I watched this tutorial and managed to do it somehow... but NOT without cursing and poking myself with pins!


It came out cute though!!!


OMG that had to be the best show everrrrr!!!!

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I'm seeing Faith No More right now!! finalllyyyyyyyy

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The new 5 gum is black!

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I wanted to make a pincushion, which turned out to be harder than most things I've done... It's supposed to be a coffee mug w the pin heads as marshmallows?

Hopefully I'll get better! haha!

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I had to take off the blood spatters so I did China Glaze secrets with awaken konad stars.

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Sep. 17th, 2010

I love how it says "nail polish in Dick Weed." like its a normal proper thing to have in mainstream news. haha!!

Sep. 14th, 2010

Check out what I did to my nails! haha!

Its called "konad", if you do a google image search on that word, you'll want one too.

Damn Nike Plus software... I guess it is only good for giving you calories based on running. It is useless to me for anything else.

I got this Omron pedometer that had the best reviews everywhere. Its got an accelerometer and all so if you don't want to clip it on your pants, you can put it in your purse! As long as you wear your purse normally, not like with your hand, all swinging around.

Anyway, so I walked Cupid for 50 minutes, and my pedometer says I burned 170 calories, but my Nike Plus thing said I burned 244! The Nike Plus thing says it hopes I enjoyed my run, so I was like this bastard is giving me calories based on like jogging at this pace, not walking fast.

Plus, the Nike Plus thing... if you leave it on like while you go shopping for an hour, you'll see it only caught 5 minutes of walking because as soon as you stopped to look at something, it kept counting the time spent, but didn't register anymore steps after you've stopped for a minute.

The pedometer thing just keeps track all day long, and if you take like 200 steps and keep going, it'll count the amount past that as "aerobic steps" because its not like you just took 1000 steps over an hour while shopping, but you took 1000 steps in just a few minutes so it knows you burned more calories since you took them all in a row and your heart rate was up more than if you had walked them slowly in increments of 200.

So now I feel like my Nike Plus thing is useless, because even when I do go for a run, I end up walking for a couple of minutes every once in a while when my knee feels like it is getting strained.
Part of counting calories is trying to distract yourself when you're craving chocolate or something else that is in the fridge or pantry. I've been making lots of fruit ice tea and I've also been painting my nails like every day. haha

So lately I've been a nail polish freak.

At Sephora yesterday, I had to get this because its super neon pink...

I usually can't keep polish on my nails long and my nails get weak and dry and start peeling, but I was reading that if you stick to brands that are safer and don't have all the crap in them, you'll be ok. So I'll try to get rid of all my Sally Hansen and Wet and Wild stuff. :)

Right now I'm wearing the China Glaze one I got last night at Ulta... I thought it was going to be mauve but its like mauvey brown so I love it! Its so hard for me to find brown lipstick and brown nail polish, so when I do, I'm happy. (These aren't my nails btw! I googled it.)

Aug. 25th, 2010

This isn't mine, but I love this picture.

That is all.

Aug. 18th, 2010

Pretty Little Liars is good, but its creepy and I always watch it really late at night and then get all jumpy! Who is A!?

This one was a really far walk but I had to hit both of the coffee houses that were voted best and runner-up.

This one is the Daily Grind. By the time I walked all the way here in the sun I had to get my mocha on ice.

I'm tempted to just do the hour walk back to the hotel and jump in the pool!

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