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These were some of my favorites of the Save the Date cards I made... I want to save at least one for a wedding album or something!

I made 100 of them, whew!
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I had to do cute Halloween-ish nails for my New Orleans trip!

I wish it was sunnier so I could get a better shot.

I am so so soooooooooo excited to be going back to New Orleans tomorrow!!! I keep getting so excited I could explode. haha

Tonight is our tasting at the Los Verdes Golf Course too, and if the food is good we are actually going to pick it. We'd actually have a DATE finally! Oh please let the food not be horrible, please!?

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This new pet shopping site sent me a coupon in the mail for 10% off and they give to charity too when you buy...

I bought bird stuff and stuff for Cupid's teeth. Free shipping (1-2 day, not like 7 days!) and good prices!

Just wanted to pass it on to Katie and Chuck, and all of you with spoiled pets. :)